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Predators Movie Review 2010 Reboot

Run...Go...Get to the chopper, is a very well remembered line for Arnold in the original Predator film as he attempts to save the the last of his patrol from the strange alien predator from another world. One by one, his team were slaughtered. Until only he stands to fight.

That was 1987, in 2010, Robert Rodriguez got to see his script for a Predator film finally come to the silver screen. 15 years prior, it was seen as a possible Predator 3 to be made, yet at the time 20th Century Fox deemed it to big for production.

Nimrod Antal, who has directed only two previous American movies, Vacancy in 2007 & Armored in 2009, of which both performed adequately at the box office, has been picked to direct this Predator reboot.

Much discussion on many online forums has amused and angered some potential viewers, as there is no report of Arnold returning, or to many other beefy types to appear. Even more so since Adrien Brody has been cast in the lead with him touted as a mercenary for hire.

The film has resemblance and much of the film will have references to the original. The premise of relocated human predators, all armed fighters from various nations fighting in an unknown environment against alien predators they initially do not realize who they are.

The cast is well chosen, and Rodriguez has always wanted more realistic fighting types rather than just Arnold, or another primary large individual.

There are surprises in store and the possibility that if all goes well at the box office, another sequel has potential to be in the works.

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