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Toy Story 3 - Movie Review

Movie Review - Toy Story 3

Unarguably the best among the three; Toy Story franchise returns with it's final edition in a 3D avatar for one last time. Directed by Lee Unkrich and produced by Disney Pixar, Toy Story 3 - one of the most loved animated movie - runs for 1 hour 45 minutes, making it a short and sweet adventure tale of lifeless toys, that speak a mind of their own.

Andy the kid, who once had a huge collection of toys in his room, has now grown up into a hand-some teenager, soon he will join college and it is time for him to put his beloved toys away, though they are still in perfect shape. Woody the sheriff is hopeful that Andy will tuck them away safely in the attic so that when he has kids of his own, they'll play with the toys someday, but Wood's and his friends' dreams are short-lived, for, Andy's mother is of the opinion that the toys be discarded as nobody would play with them once Andy leaves home.

As Andy picks up Woody and Buzz Light Year, his heart skips a beat yet again for the two of his favourite toys and he wants to take them to college with him. So he puts the two in a box which he would take away to college and others in a bag that his mom will donate to a nearby kid's day care centre. His mom mistakenly picks up the other bag, thinking it is trash and throws it out of the house. Woody is now in a fix. He has to save his friends. Off he jumps the window, saves his friends form trash van and they all crash land in the box that is to be donated to Sunnyside Day care.

Sunnyside Day care is now altogether new and fascinating home for the toys. An unknown place where they are accorded a warm welcome by other toys. But their grief of being discarded by Andy still looms, until they meet Losto - the Pink Bear. Woods tries to convince his friends to return to Andy, but the toys have now taken a disliking for him and decided to stay back at the day care centre, with different kids each day, playing with them all day long. The unruly kids of the day care get the better of Andy's toys and it is now they have been trapped by Lotso. Someone's arm is missing, while someone else's nose goes for a toss! The toys are in an utter mess and now want to break free.

Then on begins their adventure journey through the day care centre with loads of twists and turns. How they manage to save their life and whether Andy takes all of them to college is a must watch, the plot of the story flows smoothly throughout and does not give way to confusion. Even if you haven't seen the earlier two instalments; it doesn't confuse you a bit. You get the gist of the story the moment it begins to roll on screen. Also the romantic angle of a heart broken Barbie and Ken is well picturised. All toys play their characters well on the screen and same goes for voice over artists behind the scenes.
All in all... Toy Story is a must watch for people of all ages. Go Watch it.

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