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Up Movie Review

A delightful film complete with all the ingredients such as action, drama, humor and compassion.

Another movie that had the audience this much awe inspired was Wall-E. Now 'Up' is an adventurous, fun filled caper out to entertain everyone in the audience.

Beginning scenes describe the story of Carl Fredricksen (played by Jeremy Leary) and Elle from their childhood to old-age. How they dreamt of living on the cliff beside Paradise Falls in South America. Finally he decides to live the dream and ventures off in his balloon house. Soon he finds out that he has an unexpected guest, Russell an overweight Wilderness Explorer student.

Characters are designed so cute and their expressive animation is top notch. Speaking dogs are hilarious in every scene. The movie is made for all sections of audiences from kids to adults. There is sophistication in the plot as well plain old silly humour.

There are moments which needs special appreciation because they touch our heart ever so deeply. Firstly, the introduction of Fredricksen as a child and how he met his future wife. The passage is played in a musical note without much talking, but beautifully explained. Secondly, the way new characters come along with their journey and become more important than the dream itself. The sort of interaction between animals and humans we see could have only been done in an animated film.

Vocal performances deserve special credit especially Jordan Nagai (as Russell). The enthusiasm is all there to be admired. Technically the movie does not falter anywhere instead every scene is a pleasure to watch.

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